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The Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit (MADU) is a small group of individuals who are interested in promoting and actively participating in all aspects of Foreshore, Intertidal & Underwater Archaeology.

NAS Intertidal e-learning skills day on Anglesey UNESCO underwater field school in Croatia

Intertidal recording & surveying course on Anglesey

UNESCO internationasl field school in Croatia 

As a group MADU take on Marine Archaeological Project Work, including research, report writing, surveying, recording and if appropriate, excavation & recovery.

MADU is able to mobilise members & equipment, and as a self contained unit, travel as required to assist other groups or individuals in need of assistance from experienced and qualified maritime archaeologists.

All the work undertaken by MADU is based upon the principles promoted by the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) with whom MADU have a close working relationship.  Several members of MADU are NAS Tutors, and MADU are able to organise and help with training & educational activities, provide lectures & talks, run courses & outreach events in the field of Maritime Archaeology.

Ian with amphora
However MADU's overriding principles and main policy objectives are to:-
Make Maritime Archaeology Fun!

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